SedoMLS Premium for Registrars

Monetize Premium Domain Inventory | Full Whitelabel Solution | Expedited Delivery

Integrate SedoMLS Premium to easily provide over 14 million Buy Now Domains to your customers without ever having them leave your website. Ensure the highest conversion rates for domain purchases and related services, earning additional immediate revenue not available through direct registrations. Sedo’s advanced API allows you to expedite the transfer of the domain into your control so you can provide it to your user as quickly as possible. Many of the domains are available through our Fast Transfer protocol  so that you can push the domain into your user’s account almost as quickly as a first-time registration. 

  • Expedited delivery including Fast Transfer
  • Increased upselling of  your value-added services
  • Earn 25% of Sedo’s commission
  • Integrate 14M Buy Now Domains
  • Full white-label solution
  • Keep control of the complete purchase process
Our Partners:

Partner With The Best

Join the largest global and regional registrars in the SedoMLS network. The top registrars know that users want Premium Domain Names and that Sedo provides unparalleled access to the largest and most geographically diverse domain inventory.

Your users expect quick and hands-off delivery of Premium Domains and Sedo’s team will quickly expedite every transfer. More and more users are realizing they can sell domains they do not use and Sedo provides the registrar tools to keep them engaged while they look for the next buyer.


  • 22 of the world’s top 25 registrars
  • Top 5 Chinese registrars
  • Registrars from all continents

More Domains Mean More Business

The more domains you offer your customers, the more business you can make. With SedoMLS Premium you can multiply the number of domains purchased, the amount of value-added services sold and the additional commission earned.

More Value-Added Services

Every registrant's value is at its highest when they order value-added services like SSL certificates, web storage and hosting solutions. Our data proves that users who purchase Premium Domains are more likely to also purchase those value-added services. Implement SedoMLS Premium to ensure the highest conversion by allowing your customers to purchase both the domain and the services directly on your website.

More Commission

In addition, you get immediate revenue by earning a Registrar Commission from Sedo that is 25% of the fee Sedo charges the seller. You also have the option to charge your normal transfer fee. (Some registrars opt to waive the transfer fee to stay competitive with other registrars.)

Do you want to offer even more domains to your customers?
Upgrade to SedoMLS Platinum and offer Sedo's full inventory of 23M domains to your customers! Simply combine our Platinum program with your SedoMLS Premium implementation to round out your available domain inventory.

Top 3 SedoMLS Premium Sales

Each year Sedo and their Registrar Partners sell high-value Buy Now Domains via SedoMLS Premium.

Sales Price: $380,000 

Registrar Commission: $19,000

Sales Price: $250,000

Registrar Commission: $12,500

Sales Price: $225,000

Registrar Commission: $11,250

Your Buyer’s Experience


A user performs a domain search on your website and a keyword query is sent to Sedo. We return a list of relevant domain names, which are available to purchase and display directly on your website.


The user selects a domain and purchases it using your checkout process, which is free of any SedoMLS branding. They can then purchase additional value-added services, similar to a first-time registration and provide payment to you.


Once the user makes the purchase, our API grants secure control of the domain for you to push it into your customer's account. You submit the payment to Sedo and receive 25% of Sedo's commission for the sale.

Retain High-Value Users Who Sell Domains

Sophisticated domain sellers know that delivering their domains via Fast Transfer increases their sales. Allow your users to list their domains on Sedo’s marketplace with Fast Transfer delivery by integrating SedoMLS Listing Side. Sellers often hold out for years to get the best price for a domain so provide them this benefit to make sure they keep renewing their registrations with you while they wait. Plus, you will support the growth of the network and earn another 25% of Sedo’s commission on each of your users’ Fast Transfer sales.

Request our SedoMLS Premium Documentation

Join Registrars like United Domains and and become a SedoMLS Premium Partner. Request our SedoMLS Premium documentation and we'll get back to you shortly.

Registrar Services

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Registrar Parking

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Expiring Domains

Through our Expiring Domains product for Registrars, we help you monetize your assumed lost inventory. Download our brochure to learn how.

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