The Top Five Mistakes in Parking

Learn how to select the correct account settings and avoid the top five mistakes in parking

With over four million parked domains, Sedo is the world's largest parking provider and recipient of multiple international awards for "Best Parking Provider”. The advantages for domain owners choosing Sedo parking are obvious: earn money with unused domains for free, use of professionally -generated content including several layout options, increase the likelihood of selling domains and gain access to usage stats. Once your settings are correctly enabled, our parking program does the work for you. With this article, learn how to select the correct account settings and avoid the top five mistakes in parking so you can achieve maximum profitability.

Mistake 1: Setting a fixed lander type for all of your domains

Whether a 1-click or a 2-click layout performs best for a domain depends on different, hard-to-recognize factors. Choosing the wrong lander type can negatively impact the parking earnings of a domain. Set Lander Type on “automatic” and let Sedo`s optimization engine select which lander type is optimal for each individual domain.

Mistake 2: Setting related links manually

For each parked domain, you must specify up to ten keywords if you want to set the related links manually. This is very time consuming and does not always get the best results. Instead, the related links can be set automatically. With this option, links are automatically chosen specifically by our ad providers for each domain based on relevance, users' queries, and potential CPC (Cost Per Click). Our recommendation: choose "Set related links automatically” in your account under the “Page Elements" option.

Mistake 3: Choosing the wrong layout

Different layouts perform differently for different domains. By selecting a sub-optimal template for a domain or one template for all of your domains, valuable clicks and earnings can be missed. Set your template on “auto selection” and let the Sedo Autorotation find the best template for each of your domains.

Mistake 4: Selecting long or irrelevant keywords

Master keywords and regional keywords help our advertisers target the ads on your domains. They may or may not choose to use that information, but in any case you want the information to be helpful. It is not necessary to set a keyword that is an exact match to the domain name. Neither entering long keyword lists nor using keywords when you don’t  know what the domain is about is helpful.

Mistake 5: Ignore the Master Category

The Master Category is used for targeting by several second-tier advertisers. Make sure the Master Category is set, especially on domains monetized by our second-tier advertisers and adult domains. You can find out whether a domain is monetized by a second-tier advertiser and/or adult domain from the “Domain Info” tab of the “Domain Details” page, which is accessible by clicking on a domain in the Domain Management or the Parking Reports.

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