Sedo optimizes Bulk Domain Uploader

Upload your domain portfolio faster and easier than before

If you're looking to list a large number of domains for sale on Sedo, we have some very good news for you. We have now replaced the previous manual bulk upload process with our new Bulk Domain Uploader! Now you can sit back and relax while the Bulk Uploader transfers domain portfolios of any size to your customer account automatically. Fast, user-friendly and available in 6 languages!


We’d also like to introduce another very useful feature of the Bulk Uploader, the Sync function. It allows you to synchronize the content of your Excel file with your account with just one click. With this feature, you can organize, update all the domains with the related information and bring your portfolio up to date!

When managing your domain name portfolio at Sedo, automation and ease of use are important. Adding domains, or editing existing ones, Sedo customers are eager to upload their portfolio to the marketplace, and time is of the essence.


Until now, Sedo required lists of 200 domains or more to be filled out on an Excel spreadsheet, that would be manually uploaded and then processed by Sedo staff.


Smaller domain portfolios would have to be entered via a form, as seen below:


Old Look of Uploading process for larger domain portfolios

This manual intervention often took time to complete, particularly when dealing with large domain lists.

The great news is that Sedo has created a new, automated process called Bulk Domain Uploader that fully supports domain portfolios of any size; no manual process is necessary.

How does it work?


Very simply, head over to Add Domains under your account, where you’ll be greeted by the new layout for uploading domains in bulk. It looks like this:


Entry to Bulk Uploader


You can select an Excel file to upload by clicking on the “Select your file” button. If you don’t have a preformatted Excel file, you can download one from the link on the right—”Example file.”


Note: There are two types of files that are valid; CSV or XLS/XLSX. Once downloaded and opened, the preformatted spreadsheet looks like this:


This is how an example file looks like


The next step is to populate the spreadsheet by adding domains, selecting the appropriate Selling Option, and filling other fields out, for example: For Sale (yes/no), Price, Minimum Price, the Currency (USD, EUR, GBP) and the Action Type. The latter allows you to delete domains from your listings, should you so desire.


Once you’ve filled out the spreadsheet, save it and upload it to your account using the process described above, by dropping it in. A successful upload will appear as follows:


How it looks like when it has been added successfully


After uploading the spreadsheet, the Bulk Domain Uploader examines the validity of the entries automatically, giving you indications of what might have gone wrong.


See an overview of all your uploads


In that case, you can click on the little arrow on the right side of the number of errors, and download an updated Excel file that identifies these errors next to each domain entry:


Marked errors in your file looks like this


And that’s not all.


In this release, Sedo allows you to set the color theme of your layout. Click on the little white/black circle on the top right to toggle the page colors between light and dark.


Switch the colors of the layout


We hope you like this great new addition to the Sedo management panel and we can’t wait to hear your feedback!