Sedo Announces the 2015 Top Domain Name Sales

Read on for a reporting of Sedo's top public sales for 2015 including categories for top overall sales, numeric domains, purchases by Chinese customers, new gTLD sales and more.

Boston, MA - January 7, 2016 - Sedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetization provider, today announced its 2015 list of the highest-valued public domain sales of the year. Sedo’s confidential sales are among the highest grossing industry-wide but as a neutral service provider and sales partner, maintaining confidentiality is at the utmost of importance and results in the best prices.

Leading this year’s public sales list is, which closed at $500,000 stealing the top honors from at $300,000. .Com names reigned supreme but the biggest headline maker was the demand for short and numeric sales within the Chinese market.

Top 10 public domain name sales at Sedo in 2015:

1) give.com500,000 US-Dollar
2) heika.com300,000 US-Dollar
3) same.com233,333 US-Dollar
4) pax.com200,000 US-Dollar
5) response.com150,000 US-Dollar
6)  130,000 US-Dollar
7) khc.com120,000 US-Dollar
8) ignite.com112,500 US-Dollar
9) mercari.com100,000 Euro
10) material.com100,000 US-Dollar


The Upswing among Chinese Buyers
2015 has seen a huge rise in sales of 2, 3 & 4 character & numeric sales. The surge in demand for these domains is being driven largely by Chinese buyers including some of our top overall sales. While China is the country with the biggest spike in regard to purchasing domain names, domain investors and end users from other regions are also recognizing the value of shorter and numeric domains.

Top 10 public domains purchased by Chinese customers in 2015:

1) 300,000 US-Dollar
2) same.com233,333 US-Dollar
3) khc.com120,000 US-Dollar
4) daikuan.cn75,000 Euro
5) houtian.com59,000 US-Dollar
6) ryb.com50,000 US-Dollar
7) aoao.com49,900 US-Dollar
8) lrz.com46,000 US-Dollar
9) dcr.com42,000 US-Dollar
10) pdz.com37,010 Euro


Top 10 public numeric domain sales in 2015:

1) 0857.com38,333 US-Dollar
2) 26,500 US-Dollar
3) 2009.com22,500 US-Dollar
4) 2675.com16,500 US-Dollar
5) 0622.com10,000 Brit. Pound 
6) 1104.com10,000 Brit. Pound
7) 0702.com10,000 Brit. Pound
8) 4129.com9,998 Brit. Pound
9) 7179.com15,000 US-Dollar
10) 5082.com14,500 US-Dollar


Continued Growth within the New Generic Domain Names

Currently there are close to 11 million new domains registered and Sedo has seen several high value sales of new domain names throughout 2015. Our marketplace has shown continuous positive growth and sustainability in this category. Almost 2 years after general availability began for the new domain names; purchases have increased from both end users such as large corporations using the names in their marketing and branding campaigns as well as prominent investors. Indicators point to new domain gaining in profitability and usage as additional names come into the market during 2016.

Top 10 public new generic name sales:

1) star.casino10,000 Euro
2) city.tips8,500 Euro
3) basic-fit.fitness7,949 Euro
4) one.boutique4,999 Brit. Pound
5) 贷款.在线 (,500 US-Dollar
6) entrepreneur.club7,500 US-Dollar
7) sms.world6,000 Euro
8) juegos.club6,000 US-Dollar
9) drone.academy6,000 US-Dollar
10) 555.club5,755 US-Dollar


The Top 10 longest domain names (in English)

Using shorter more memorable domain names is not always the strategy utilized by some websites.  A highly anticipated guilty pleasure for some; feast your eyes on 2015’s top 10 longest domain names of which the top honors (63 characters!) goes to name using a new domain extension- .XYZ:



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