GreatDomains: Buy and sell premium domain names

These are the top 20 GreatDomain sales ever!



Sedo operates GreatDomains as a bi-monthly auction of premium, hand-curated domain names. Launched in 2007, GreatDomains has been the event considered “the cream of the crop,” as far as organized domain auctions on go. It’s worth mentioning that Sedo also operates the matching domain,, an asset that it acquired in 2007 from Verisign. It is pointed to the domain inventory specific for the GreatDomains auction.


At the beginning, GreatDomains by Sedo was a monthly auction and applications for seller participation involved a listing fee. Eventually, GreatDomains became an every-other-month feature and an important sidekick to the Sedo domain inventory of over 20 million domains, available 24/7 at


Quick tip: There is no fee to submit your domains for the GreatDomains auction!


In 2022, fifteen years after its launch, the GreatDomains auction by Sedo continues to provide domain sellers and buyers with a specialized event and the opportunity to buy and sell premium quality domain names. By keeping the inventory low and restricted to specific TLDs, the GreatDomains auction fully justifies its association with the “great domains” keywords!


Just how successful are the domain auctions during the GreatDomains event?


Sedo maintains an expert approach to the quality of the domains, as they are reviewed manually for inclusion in the GreatDomains auction. By keeping an expert human filter on the domains listed and their respective reserve prices, Sedo is able to maximize the auction’s potential for its sellers. At the same time, domain investors perusing the GreatDomains inventory are more likely to place bids when the list is relatively short, as opposed to pages upon pages of participating domains.


GreatDomains auctions have generated some spectacular sales over the years.


Here’s the list of the top 20 sales achieved via the GreatDomains auction:


  1.     $1,015,000     
  2.     $607,406     
  3.     $402,500     
  4.     $478,149     
  5.     $350,000     
  6.     $352,500     
  7.     $252,000     
  8.     $233,501     
  9.     $252,500     
  10.     $188,000     
  11.     $200,000     
  12.     $160,503     
  13.     $126,722     
  14.     $121,000     
  15.     $157,500     
  16.     $117,015     
  17.     $131,779     
  18.     $134,719     
  19.     $130,340
  20.     $123,504


In a nutshell: GreatDomains has been a solid domain auction event by Sedo for fifteen years, enabling domain sellers to receive top dollar for their domains, investors to seek opportunities in acquisitions, and end-user buyers to tap into high quality domain inventory.


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